This ‘Big Bang’ nerd actually married a beauty queen

“I would always audition for the lead characters and I would never get them,” says Nayyar, who didn’t realize he was cut out for comedy until auditioning for “Big Bang.”

“When you’re a comedian, you want to be the leading man, and when you’re the leading man, you want to do comedy.”

When it comes to his “Big Bang” co-stars, Nayyar is tight-lipped (the cast has a strict privacy policy when it comes to what happens on set), but he does touch on their backstage antics in one essay.

“I talk about how we’re obsessed with playing pingpong, or we all have an affinity to eat 17,000 Altoids before a take, who cracks up the most — which is mainly me,” he says. “I break all the time.”

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