Fast food employee quits in destructive rant, his manager gets fired

A McDonald’s employee at a St. Paul, Minnesota store went on a destructive rant, cursing at employees and the manager, smashing coffee pots, overturning sauce containers and acting out of control. The scene was captured on video and went viral this week.

Manager Brandon Robertson can be seen trying to calm the teen down, asking other employees to dial 911. Just days later, Robertson was fired. Yes, the manager was fired.

“I asked him to leave as you can see in the video. I asked him to leave. What was I supposed to do?” he said.

Robinson says because the worker who trashed the place is under the age of 18, he refrained from any physical contact.

“I feel like it was unfair because I did what I could. I mean, he’s 17 years old. I would be in jail as of right now if I would’ve put my hands on him. He’s a minor, so what was I supposed to do?” Robinson said.

Furthermore, Robertson he doesn’t know what set the teen off. Rather than fire Robertson, perhaps McDonald’s could’ve used this as an opportunity to train Robertson and other managers on how to better handle a similar situation. This seems like a case of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

See the meltdown that ended with Robertson on the unemployment line here: